Turkish TV Market Training Course (In a Nutshell)

Turkish TV Market Training Course (In a Nutshell)

Course Method : 

The course consists of a 2 days of face to face (also potentially online) teaching designed as 4 different modules. Each module focuses on a different aspect of Turkish TV Market.

Course Description:

This  training course is mainly focused on Turkish TV Market.  The audiences will have an overall understanding of digital TV technologies, the changing behaviour of Turkish TV audiences, brand-new services delivered via internet and how the impact of broadband will transform Turkish media industry as a whole.  The participants are expected to understand and practice basics of digital television platforms in Turkey, to get familiar about new generation TV services, applications & technologies from broadcaster and consumer perspective.

Who should attend:

This course is appropriate for television professionals (including equipment manufacturers, content providers, technologists, and service providers), product developers, second screen application developers, user experience professionals, internet video technologists, video product managers and analysts who have an interest in Turkish TV market.

Course Outline:

  • Day 1 :
    • Module 1: TV Fundamentals 
      • Value Chain > Content Acquisition/Ingestion. Transcoding, Delivery via Satellite/Cable/IP,  Customer promises devices ( satellite dish routers, STBs, TV sets)
      • Video formats > Analog, SD, HD, 3D, 4K, 8K
      • Video compression > MPEG-2, H.264, H.265 etc.
      • Set-top-box > Satellite/Cable/Terrestrial/IPTV. Block Diagram, Components, Services
    • Module 2:  Brief overview of Turkish TV Market
      • Digital TV Platforms
      • TV Reception breakdown
      • Competition, Market Shares, Service Offers
      • Technology & Products
      • DTT Switchover (Analog Switch off)
      • Rumours
  • Day 2 :
    • Module 3: OTT Market in Turkey 
      • Major OTT Players
      • Internet Service Providers
      • Broadband Average Speed
      • Do’s & Don’ts
    • Module 4:  Content Business in Turkey
      • Content offerings of digital platforms
      • Content rights (i.e. Sports)
      • Market specific conditions
      • Latest developments from content provider’s perspective

Please drop me an email to further discuss details of the course and reserve your seat. ( info@turkishtvmarket.info )

Please note that this is just a draft agenda. I’m totally flexible. It can be adjusted based on your needs.


Broadcasting Rights of Turkish Basketball League

Turkey Basketball League games will be broadcasted by Digiturk and free-to-air sports channel NTV Spor for 3 years starting from 2015-2016 season.


To recap: The split of sports content digital rights in Turkey is as follows:

  • Digiturk: Turkish Premier Football League, English Premier Football League, Turkish Airlines Basketball Euroleague, Turkey Beko Basketbol League, Russian League, Brazilian League, Wimbledon and ATP1000 Masters Tennis
  • D-Smart: Spanish Premier Football League (La Liga), NBA TV, Formula 1, Motor GP
  • Tivibu: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League, France Ligue, Italy Seria A
  • Teledunya (Kablo TV): No exclusive content
  • Turkcell TV+: No exclusive content

Digiturk was already the official broadcaster since past 6 years. With this new announecement it will continue for another 3 years.

It’s been made public that the contract fee is 12 million Euro / per year. While Digiturk will be broadcasting 2 games per week, the other shareholder NTV Spor will deliver another 2 games every week. Considering the enormous fee paid (321 Million UDS + VAT) for Turkish Premier Football League by Digiturk, 12 million Euro sounds pretty cost effective.  Although Digiturk managed to reduce the total cost around by half, it had  no more the exclusive rights which might cause customer churn in return.

Average broadband connection speed in Turkey

Akamai has just released Q3 2014 ’state of internet‘ report. (Link)

According to the study, the average connection speed by EMEA country is as shown in the table below.



In Turkey, the average bitrate is 5,5 Mbps with a 35% YoY change. Actually, this is the best figure so far and it will be reasonable to expect it continue to grow. This is really very promising as it will allow OTT-type of services to further increase the penetration rate and fuel the number of the households to which a service-grade OTT service could be delivered.

The main driver to the increasing trend in average connection speed in Turkey was the investment made by Turk Telekom and Turkcell Superonline to fiber infrastructure over the past few years.

Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss other aspects of a successful OTT model in Turkey.

TVYO iPhone application is Chromecast ready!

TVYO is one of the most popular OTT services in Turkey. It’s backed up by Dogus Media Group with a strong differentiation: it’s free of charge. TVYO offers catch-up services of popular series and TV shows as well as selected Live TV channels, sports and music content. It’s revenue model is solely based on advertisement. TVYO can be accessed from iPhone, Android & PC.

To get further info about the complete set of OTT players in Turkey please have a look here.

Chromecast support has been just added to TVYO iPhone application. To my best knowledge, this is the first time that a local application in Turkey has integrated Chromecast support. It’s really joyful being able to watch tvyo content on big TV screen in my living room.


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  • Broadband market metrics
  • Target OTT TV market
  • OTT players in Turkey
  • Differentiating factors to design a unique OTT Experience in Turkey

I hope it will give you an insight into the OTT TV market in Turkey and enrich your perspective about my exciting country.

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Turkweb.tv selects Erstream and Octoshape to deliver OTT TV Services

Turkweb.tv is one of the major OTT TV providers in Turkey that has the digital rights of populer series (i.e. Muhtesem Yuzyil, Leyla ile Mecnun), classical Turkish movies and series. Turkish audiences visit turkweb.tv to watch beloved series anytime, anywhere with high video quality. It’s revenue model is basically based on ads.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 00.50.09

Last week, it’s been announced that Turkweb.tv has chosen Erstream, a Turkish-based media services provider, and Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based streaming technology, to improve its infrastructure in order to deliver superior TV services.

“We are excited to work with Erstream and Octoshape, two major innovators in live and on-demand streaming video technology,” said Mert Altındağ CEO at TURKWEB. “We are confident that the level of quality provided by this new initiative will motivate customers to watch more of our compelling content.”

You can reach to press release here.

Turkey loves Internet.

Turkey, with the latest figures, has more than 22 million broadband subscribers. Total broadband subscribers increased from 5 million to 22 million in last 5 years. This increase trend shows that Turkey has adapted internet to daily life quickly. There is a high rise in terms of broadband subscribers after the introduction of 3G technology in 2009 in Turkey.


The real question for OTT business is, within 22 million subs, what is the real customer base for online video services?



Table 1 : 2014 Broadband subscribers in Turkey

The table above shows us that there is a steady increase in subscriber base in Turkey. The increase rate is also very high, which shows us that there is premature market conditions in Turkey. In theory, more than 60% increase for year 2011 and passing the 22M subscribers cap in 2013 shows the signs of a highly profitable market with a big potential.

„Turkey loves Internet.“ weiterlesen

Major OTT players in Turkey


Tivibu Web

TTNet’s TV service Tivibu has been launched on 24th February 2010.  Today, the number of subscribers of the service has exceeded 1 million. In 2011, Tivibu has been awarded by IP&TV World Forum for Best IPTV, Hybrid or Connected TV Service Growth Achievement. Actually, the name of the service has changed to Tivibu Web later on following the announcement of Tivibu Cep (Tivibu Mobile) and Tivibu Ev (IPTV) services.  In other words, multi-screen service Tivibu is available on 4 screens i.e. PC, smartphone, tablet and TV. There are a total of 113 live channels and over 4000 VOD content available on the platform. Tivibu has been the main driving force behind training of the Turkish audiences on consuming VOD content and using time-shift feature (i.e. Pause TV). Catch-up TV service is quite popular since Turkish audiences love watching various local series broadcasted during the season. Tivibu Web platform is based on Windows Silverlight technology. The subscribers can either watch it via web site or by downloading the client to their Windows platform. Unfortunately, it is not available on Mac platforms. Thanks to the Smooth Streaming technology, the quality of the media is decided according to the bandwidth of user to ensure the best possible viewing experience. Existing bitrates are 300 Kbps, 600 Kbps and 1000 Kbps. The main weakness of the proposition is the lack of sports content. The service is only available within Turkey.

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