Yet another TV check-in application: dediki

Dogus Media Group has launched a new TV check-in application called dediki.

As a matter of fact, it’s simply the local version of tvtag. (formerly getglue)

Tivilog was the first second screen application who entered this area a few years back.  Similar to the rest of the world, this type of applications failed to boom in Turkey mostly due to the fact that TV program checking-in was not interesting enough for TV audiences.

I’ve played with this me-too second screen application dediki a while. The one differentiating feature of dediki compared to tivilog was the app was able to figure out the program currently being watched by listening to the TV audio for a few seconds, in theory. I couldn’t been able to manage that. I’ve tried a few times to make dediki to detect what I’m watching but the result was this: (The program you are watching could not been found)


Not surprisingly, the app doesn’t seem a popular one. The number of TV program check-in’s are almost none. The second icon under the program poster at the picture below refers to number of check-in’s.(apparently 0)


Being a big media conglomerate comes with its own rewards. Under normal circumstances, an application with such insufficient engagement doesn’t get much ads. Most probably to due other on-going ad contracts this application manages to get ads.