Netflix cuts into Turkey with original

Reference: Digital TV Europe:

Streaming giant Netflix is getting into the original programming game in Turkey.

The Los Gatos-based SVOD service has been ramping up its activity in local markets across Europe, and has now ordered a ten-part, “hero-driven action story” based on Ottoman and Turkish legend and history.

Netflix’s drama comes from Istanbul-based O3 Medya, with company co-owner Onur Guvenata the executive producer.

It centres on a young man who discovers he has special powers before linking up with a group of misfit friends to fight dark forces that are threatening Istanbul.

Netflix VP of international original series Erik Barmack described the series as “young, fresh and exciting”, adding: “We believe that Netflix will be the perfect platform for this great Turkish production and we can’t wit to share more details later this year.”

With science fiction-themed drama rarely produced in Turkey, Guvenata said the series would create “a new genre” that would stand as “a milestone for our market”.

“It will not only resonate with the Turkish audience, but will also travel globally,” he added.

Turkey has become one of the world’s most vibrant TV markets, with its local telenovela and drama productions driving the territory to become a top three international distributor.

Companies such as Fox Networks Group, Endemol Shine and Eccho Rights, which this week sold Show TV dramaInsider to MBC in the Middle East and a number of other territories, are all active in the region.

Netflix’s new drama will sit alongside acquired Turkish series such as Magnificent Century, Ezel and Lovebird, and movies including Güneşi Gördüm (I Saw the Sun) and Kelebeğin Rüyası (The Butterfly’s Dream).

These were acquired last year as Netflix unveiled a “truly Turkish service”, and a wide-ranging deal with Vodafone’s local telecoms business.

Netflix has also localised its service in Poland, Thailand and Romania.

Alternative ISP Millenicom launched new TV service: DopingBox

Millenicom is one of the alternative internet service providers in Turkey. It provides broadband and voice services with brand name Doping to both residential and corporate customers. It has more than 120K subs. You can get further info about Millenicom  here.

Last week Millenicom organized a press conference and launched its brand-new TV service DopingBox.


DopingBox is an Android-based STB. There are various Android based boxes around sold out in retail shops and e-commerce platforms. But this is the first time that an operator is offering Android box. A brave move!

Thanks to the wide variety of apps on Google Play, you can download many multimedia,  social and game applications and enjoy on big TV screen. Spotify, youtube, angry birds, twitter, facebook to name a few. Apparently, this is the inherent nicety of Android boxes.

One of the interesting points of the box is wifi connectivity. This will make the installation process clearly much easier. Again, this is the first time that an operator is offering wifi as a standard feature. One of the most challenging aspect of Android boxes is the interaction between end user and applications normally designed for touch screen. DopingBox is trying to overcome this issue with an airmouse remote control.

DopingBox will have VOD content enriched by film&series content providers SinemaTV and Filmbox and TVYO(Dogus Media Group’s OTT service) and its own library. Live TV channels are missing and this is clearly the weakest point of DopingBox.

A few words on the commercial part:

  • DopingBox is the result of 2,5 million TRY investment and 2,5 years of efforts.
  • The target is to reach 3o percent of Doping customers at the end of 1 year.
  • If you are a Doping customer already, you need to pay 19.99 TRY per month (9.99 TRY first 3 months) This includes the service fee and device rental fee.
  • If you’ll become a new Doping customer, there is a bundle offer (TV+internet) In this case, you’ll get a discounted price for internet and you need to also pay
        • 19.99 TRY per month (for 12 months commitment)
        • 14.00 TRY per month (for 24 months commitment)

We see lots of telcos offering TV service on-top of broadband and voice services. Turkey is not an exception. Actually, due to the changing market dynamics offering a TV service is no more an option, it’s a must. The most concrete advantage of this is lower churn and higher stickness. This fact is deserving another post.






I’m conducting ‘New Generation of Television: TV 2.0′ lecture at Kadir Has University Istanbul. Herebelow you will find final exam questions of 2014 Spring semester.







  1. Strategic thinking: There are 5 big pay-TV operators in Turkey; Digiturk, D-Smart, KabloTV/Teledünya, Tivibu, Turkcell TV+.  What would be the acquisition/merger scenarios that would reshape the competition landscape and change the market shares? Why? Please defend your thinking with solid arguments.

          (You are free to imagine hypothetical cases.  Any acquisition/merger scenario is possible.) (20 points)

  1. Smart TV: This is a typical back panel of a Smart TV. Explain the name and functionality of each output?  (20 points)

Back panel

   3.  User Experience: Design and develop an imaginary TV- human interaction that will significantly improve the user                experience.  Please write down how it will work and what are differentiating features with your own words.  (20 points)

   4. Chromecast: Last summer Google announced this brand-new product. It has been a real success and Chromecast is          now available in many European countries in addition to North America. This little dongle product has 2 major features that        differentiate itself from the similiar products (i.e. Apple TV, Rokubox) in the market? What are those 2 features? (20 points)

  5.  Please order the following items in terms the delay compared to the appearance in cinema in increasing order?(10 points)

   DVDKanal D Tivibu Kirala IzleDigiturk Moviemax

6. What does an exclusive content rights mean? Please explain with your own words? (10 points)