The process regarding the Regional and Local Terrestrial Digital TV Tender has been suspended

Herebelow you will see the announcement from RTUK(Regulatory body for TV and Radio broadcast) website. Here is the translation.

The process regarding the Regional and Local Terrestrial Digital TV Tender has been suspended.

The cancellation decisions made by the associated courts regarding the suit of broadcasters has been approved. Hence the ‚National Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcasting Lisence Tender‘ that has been executed by RTUK has been suspended.

This means that the earlier target date of March 2015 for ASO is clearly not achievable. Besides, no one can forsee the potential date for Digital Terrestrial Television at all.

I suppose Digital Switchover will not be accomplished before 2020 in Turkey considering how slow the process is.

Bölgesel ve Yerel Karasal Sayısal TV İhalelerine ilişkin işlemler durdurulmuştur

Üst Kurulca 2013 yılında gerçekleştirilen, “Ulusal Karasal Sayısal Televizyon Yayın Lisansı Sıralama İhaleleri” hakkında, yayıncı kuruluşlarca açılan davalar sonucunda ilgili mahkemelerce verilen iptal kararları, Danıştay 13. Dairesinin 10/09/2014 tarih, 2013/1055 E., 2013/1014E ve2014/159 E. Sayılı kararları ile onanmış olup, Bölgesel (T2) ve Yerel (T3) Karasal Sayısal Televizyon Yayın Lisansı Sıralama İhalelerine ilişkin işlemler durdurulmuştur.

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Tarih: 06 Ocak 2015

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Digiturk's acquisition process has been suspended.

According to a new post on, the acquisition process of Digiturk which has been also posted on this blog earlier has been suspended.

To recap, on December 2014, it has been widely rumoured Qatar Seyh Nasser Al-Khelaifi has acquired Digiturk for 820 mio USD.

The discussions between Providence Equity -the American private equity firm- who was planning to liquidise its shares at Digiturk (53%) and Seyh Nasser Al-Khelaifi has been suspended right before signature.

According to the local sources from Turkish Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF owns the remaining 47% shares of Digiturk), at the end of January, Qatar group has informed Providence that they decided to suspend the discussions at this stage.

It’s been estimated that there are 3 major factors they caused Qatar Investment Authority to decide for freeze.

1– Ever increasing USD to TRY exchange rate.
2- The broadcasting rights of Digiturk will be finished at the end of this year. Digiturk will either give up the rights or based on Antitrust committee’s decision extend the agreement for another 2 years but forced to share the rights with another pay-TV platform (Please have a look to my earlier post about this issue here)
3- Various sponsors of Turkish football are withdrawing their support and the advertisement revenue potential is shrinking. Under these circumstances, the broadcasting fee paid to Football Federation might not be feasible to sustain a profitable business model any more. (Digiturk is paying 421 million USD to Turkish Football Federation per year for broadcasting rights of Turkish Premier Football League, details here)

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Please note: This post is mostly a translation of’s post.

Turkish TV Market Training Course (In a Nutshell)

Turkish TV Market Training Course (In a Nutshell)

Course Method : 

The course consists of a 2 days of face to face (also potentially online) teaching designed as 4 different modules. Each module focuses on a different aspect of Turkish TV Market.

Course Description:

This  training course is mainly focused on Turkish TV Market.  The audiences will have an overall understanding of digital TV technologies, the changing behaviour of Turkish TV audiences, brand-new services delivered via internet and how the impact of broadband will transform Turkish media industry as a whole.  The participants are expected to understand and practice basics of digital television platforms in Turkey, to get familiar about new generation TV services, applications & technologies from broadcaster and consumer perspective.

Who should attend:

This course is appropriate for television professionals (including equipment manufacturers, content providers, technologists, and service providers), product developers, second screen application developers, user experience professionals, internet video technologists, video product managers and analysts who have an interest in Turkish TV market.

Course Outline:

  • Day 1 :
    • Module 1: TV Fundamentals 
      • Value Chain > Content Acquisition/Ingestion. Transcoding, Delivery via Satellite/Cable/IP,  Customer promises devices ( satellite dish routers, STBs, TV sets)
      • Video formats > Analog, SD, HD, 3D, 4K, 8K
      • Video compression > MPEG-2, H.264, H.265 etc.
      • Set-top-box > Satellite/Cable/Terrestrial/IPTV. Block Diagram, Components, Services
    • Module 2:  Brief overview of Turkish TV Market
      • Digital TV Platforms
      • TV Reception breakdown
      • Competition, Market Shares, Service Offers
      • Technology & Products
      • DTT Switchover (Analog Switch off)
      • Rumours
  • Day 2 :
    • Module 3: OTT Market in Turkey 
      • Major OTT Players
      • Internet Service Providers
      • Broadband Average Speed
      • Do’s & Don’ts
    • Module 4:  Content Business in Turkey
      • Content offerings of digital platforms
      • Content rights (i.e. Sports)
      • Market specific conditions
      • Latest developments from content provider’s perspective

Please drop me an email to further discuss details of the course and reserve your seat. ( )

Please note that this is just a draft agenda. I’m totally flexible. It can be adjusted based on your needs.


2014 on

It’s been almost 1 year since has been launched. More than 100 people from all over the world subscribed to my newsletter.  It’s really great to have such an interest on this particular area. Herebelow you will find the most popular posts in 2014.


Stay tuned in 2015 for getting a global picture of Turkish TV Market 🙂

Türk Telekom group acquired content rights of UEFA Champions League for following 3 years.

Türk Telekom group has announced that it has acquired content rights of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europe League football games starting from 2015-2016 season till the end of 2017-2018 season. The games will be available on TTNet’s digital platform Tivibu on 4-screens with advanced features such as catch-up TV, pause-live TV and Timeshift TV functionality.


Based on the additional agreement signed with UEFA, only one game on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be broadcasted on Turkish National TV Channel TRT.

Until now, second largest DTH operator D-Smart had the content rights of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europe League.

I see this a major win for TT group. This will be the most valuable sports content Tivibu could offer until recently. This win is also a clear sign of the fact that TT group will continue to invest for premium content. At the new structure, pay-TV platforms and their corresponding premium sports content is as follows:

  • Digiturk: Turkish Premier Football League, English Premier Football League, Turkish Airlines Basketball Euroleague, Turkey Beko Basketboll League, Russian League, Brazilian League, Wimbledon and ATP1000 Masters Tennis
  • D-Smart: Spanish Premier Football League (La Liga), NBA TV, Formula 1, Motor GP
  • Tivibu: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League, France Ligue, Italy Seria A
  • Teledunya (Kablo TV): No exclusive content
  • Turkcell TV+: No exclusive content

Based on the latest figures of BTK (Information Technologies and Telecommunications Institution) as of Q2 of 2014, Tivibu IPTV service has 300K subscribers.

Turkish Pay-TV Market 2014 Report is ready!

Turkey 2014 Pay-TV Market Report is ready now.


This is by far the most comprehensive and in-depth report on Turkish Pay-TV market.

If you would like to get an electronic copy of this unique report please drop an email to for further discussion!

You can see `table of contents` and `executive summary` sections of the report here.


iTVF (İstanbul TV Forum and Fair) is coming….

İstanbul TV Forum & Fair will take place in Halic Congress Center, Istanbul in 12 -13 -14 June 2014 for the second time.

Basically, it’s an event where the key components of the content and broadcasting industries gather under one roof, with participation from companies, associations, public institutions, broadcasters and online platforms from all four corners of the world. The event took place with the Main sponsorship of Turksat, Corporate sponsorship of ATV and Supporting sponsorship of Samanyolu Broadcasting Holding with the participation of 53 companies, as 157 brands were represented at iTVF. The event is organized by RATEM (Professional Union of Broadcasting Organisations)

You can find the final report of iTVF 2013 here.



Last year, the first event could not collect many people partly due to the #geziparki protests partly due to the fact that the event is organised for the first time.

This year, iTVF has much higher expectations. Let’s hope that the number of audiences will increase compared to 2013 and everybody will go back home with lots of new connections.

If you need assistance to arrange meetings with local prospects or new contacts just drop an email to




Turkey loves Internet.

Turkey, with the latest figures, has more than 22 million broadband subscribers. Total broadband subscribers increased from 5 million to 22 million in last 5 years. This increase trend shows that Turkey has adapted internet to daily life quickly. There is a high rise in terms of broadband subscribers after the introduction of 3G technology in 2009 in Turkey.


The real question for OTT business is, within 22 million subs, what is the real customer base for online video services?



Table 1 : 2014 Broadband subscribers in Turkey

The table above shows us that there is a steady increase in subscriber base in Turkey. The increase rate is also very high, which shows us that there is premature market conditions in Turkey. In theory, more than 60% increase for year 2011 and passing the 22M subscribers cap in 2013 shows the signs of a highly profitable market with a big potential.

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