Who should be your product owner?

Who should be your product owner ? Let’s assume that your organisation didn’t build Scrum teams yet. Should be the ideal product owner the legacy Business Product Manager or Technical Product Manager ?

I think I’ve hit to the million dollar question, right? In many organisations which are going through an agile transformation and building brand-new Scrum teams, this might be a question causing long discussions. At least, this is my feeling based on my experience in my company, Turkcell. Don’t get me wrong, I really think that this is a healthy discussion and the right decision changes according to the organization’s culture, industry the company is competing in, the size of the company, the management structure and even to the potential PO candidates, among many others.

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10 Selection from the book “101 Inspring Quotes about Agile”

I don’t if you’ve heart Mike Cohn before. He is one of the contributors to the invention of the Scrum software development methodology. He is one of the founders of the Scrum Alliance and the owner of Mountain Goat Software, a company that provides training on Scrum and Agile software development techniques. If you sign up for weekly email tips on his website https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/ you’ll receive a link to the book “101 Inspring Quotes about Agile“.                                                                                                

In this book, there are a total of 101 inspring quotes about Agile from mostly renowned people. I really recommend you first to sign up to weeklu email tips and then donwload the mentioned book. I’ve really enjoyed to go through this valuable consolidated study. Here below you can find my top 10 selection.

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My favourite Scrum event: Sprint Retrospective

This week, 6th of February Tuesday was World Retrospective Day. I’m quoting from the website:

World Retrospective Day is a volunteer-based, globally coordinated effort to share in the power of retrospectives.

People from different countries around the globe organized and participacted in order to celebrate it.

That’s why I thought that it would be a good idea to write a down a blog post about how our team performs it, perhaps the most fruitful event of Scrum framework.

First of all, this is an entirely internal event lead by the Scrum Master closed to any stakeholders . Typically, we organize it just after the Sprint review scheduled for 2 hours (we run 2 weeks long Sprints). At the very beginning, we have a quick chat about the past Sprint followed by the D.A.K.I. session. DAKI is the abbreviation for:

  • Drop
  • Add
  • Keep
  • Improve

Here below you can see the output of our last Retro session.                                                            

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What gets measured gets improved.

Bu yilin muhtelemen son yazisinda (kalan 2 haftada baska bir yazi planlamiyorum) siz degerli okurlarimla son birkac senedir devam eden bir aliskanligimi paylasmak istiyorum. Her senenin basinda, kendi kendime icinde bulundugumuz yil ile ilgili SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) hedefler koyuyorum. Bu hedefleri temelde 5 baslik altinda toplayabiliriz:

  1. Saglik ile ilgili hedefler
  2. Finansal hedefler
  3. Aile hayati ile ilgili hedefler
  4. Profesyonel hayat ile ilgili hedefler
  5. Hobilerim ile ilgili hedefler





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Video vs. Music streaming services: Top 8 Similarities & Differences

Let’s have a look to video and music streaming services from a ‘Compare & Contrast’ point of view. I’ve consolidated 8 major similarities and 8 differences. Absolutely, this is not the exhaustive list, please feel free to add yours into the comments part at the bottom of the post.


1. Business Models: Both have free (ad-based) and subscription based business models. While the majority of the music services benefit both options (Spotify, fizy etc) most of the video services adapt either free model (puhutv, Hulu etc.) or subscription based model (Netflix, TV+ etc.)

2. Entertainment services: This one is trivial. Both services are designed to entertain people from a variety of age group, kids, teenagers, adults, moms, dads and even grandparents. People are paying for music and video services to relax, to have fun, to get socialized and to enrich their lives. Okumaya devam et “Video vs. Music streaming services: Top 8 Similarities & Differences”

The difficulties for techno people in Turkish TV Subscription Market

Tivibu just announced that number of Tivibu Home subscribers has been arrived to “remarkable 1 million” milestone.






The underlying technology of Tivibu Home is twofold:

  • IPTV : The service has been launched back in 2011. As of Q2 of 2017, there are around 545K  Tivibu IPTV customers.
  • DTH: The satellite service that is marketed as “Tivibu Uydu” has been introduced in Q2 of 2015 following the acquisition of Champions League and UEFA digital rights. The remaing half of the ~1 million subscibers are belonging to this segment.

What I’ve done is I’ve extracted Tivibu’s number of subs and ARPU data along the last 15 quartersfrom this sheet published by TT and put into the following graph.

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Why is the size of Turkish Pay-TV market relatively small?

It’s fair to say that Turkish Pay-TV market is saturated. There are basically 5 major players :

  1. Digiturk – DTH + OTT (beIN Media Group) -> 2600K subs
  2. KabloTV – Cable + OTT ( by government owned Turksat ) -> 1195K
  3. D-Smart – DTH + OTT ( Dogan Media’s DTH company) -> 934K subs
  4. Tivibu – IPTV + OTT (by incumbent telco Turk Telekom) -> 894K subs
  5. TV+ – IPTV + OTT (by leading incumbent mobile operator ) –> 436K*

In addition to these, there is another independent DTH operator called Filbox that is relatively small compared to the major players ( 50K subscribers ). In total, there are 6 million 110 thousand subscriptions. Let’s imagine that 20 % of the households have at least 2 subscriptions ( i.e. both Diguturk & TV+ or KabloTV & Tivibu) Hence the number of households with Pay-TV subscription is around 5 millions. That is to say out of 20 millions households in Turkey around 25% of them have Pay-TV subscription.

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Fi dizisinin tum bolumleri birden yayinlanmadi, acaba neden?

Fi dizisinin yayinlanma yontemi Originals dizilerin alisildik yonteminden farkli gelisti. Ilk once Nisan ayinda gorkemli bir lansman partisi ile ilk 3 bolum online oldu. Sonrasinda Mayis ayinda 4’ten 9’a kadar olan bolumler araliklarla yayinlandi, dizinin son bolumleri ise Haziran ayinda (#fi1011 9 Haziran, #fi12 yani sezon finali ise 16 Haziran Cuma yayinlandi.

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