How do you feel about your Scrum Board?

Every single day, like any other Scrum team in the world, we spend 15 minutes (max) in front of our Scrum board for the Daily Stand-up event. On behalf of the team, I’m confident to share that we really like and enjoy our Scrum board! Here is why;

  • We designed it ourselves. More precisely,  Projera, the company who is coaching Turkcell during the agile transformation process, proposed a few draft layouts to give us an insight. Following that, we, as a team, gave the team a funny name (Maraba Televole)  then designed the logo and the board as well as the layout indicating the various stages of a typical Sprint (PBL, SBL, In Progress, Done, Live, Performance etc. )

  • We constantly check and synchronize our physical Board with our Jira Board. This allows us to monitor the up-to-date status of the planned SPI’s and stayed focused.  Staying focused is really key to accomplish the Sprint Goal. Every team member is first moving the relavant post-it to the appropriate section ( i.e. Analyis, Dev, Test ) and then give a quick update to the team about the latest developments regarding that particular SBI(s).
  • As the product owner, at the very beginning of each Sprint I take a print out of the Sprint Goal and paste it to the top of our Scrum Board. Thanks to the visibility of the Sprint pace, we have the opportunity to judge if our Sprint goal seems still achievable or at risk and we need to execute mitigation plans. Every and each member of the development team is in a position to digest and stay focused to the goal we are headed to.
  • Scrum boards are the most powerful assets for the team to present the recent work they are actively working on to the outer world. Chances are your management team or your stakeholders is passing by your board and your Spring Goal, active status of your SBI’s or any other detail of your team’s work catches their eye. As a consequence, you might have the opportunity to impress them or they can find out answers to their potential queries and hence your valuable time has been saved.

In essence, I really think that Scrum board fuels the strengthening of the team spirit in several ways. First of all, it’s the only tangible, physical element that the team could engage to. Besides, the team routinely makes a visit to it and puts effort to maintain it. I see Scrum Boards as hobby gardens to which you invest and look after daily and at a certain point of time it gives you back  a form of output. Eating vegetables or fruits you developed on your own is like deploying your software and witnessing people enjoying it.

Long story short, my humble advise is keep your board up-to-date and active. Encourage your team to look after it yet better to like it 👍 

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