A total of 8 Euro 2016 games will be broadcasted in 4K Ultra HD Resolution on TRT 4K

2016 UEFA European Championshipis is coming in just 2 weeks. Nowaydays 4K Ultra HD broadcasting of the games is one of the hot discussions in the industry. TRT 4K which is the national broadcaster TRT’s channel in 4K resolution is actually Live since February 2015. (I had an article about it here.) TRT 4K declared that they will broadcast 8 games ( opening match, quarter finals, semi-finals, final game) in 4K resolution unencrypted. (Current xpdr: 12123 MHz, Symbol rate 15000 , H) Turkey National Team will also compete in Group D.

Well, who will have the opportunity the watch the game in 4K resolution? Simply the people with 4K TV set. Majority of the new generation 4K TV sets have embedded satellite receiver which will allow them to tune to TRT 4K transponder’s frequency and enjoy the details of the selected games. There will be probably Pay- TV operators who will start offering 4K Ultra HD Live TV and VOD titles during the rest of the year. As of today, there is no commercial 4K service in Turkey, yet. 

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