Vodafone Televizyonlu SuperNet

Quite some time ago, I’ve written a post about the Vodafone’s new Internet service Vodafone SuperNet.

Lately, Vodafone Turkey announced a new 3-play service that is basically called Vodafone Televizyonlu SuperNet (Vodafone’s Supernet together with TV). As a matter of fact, the TV service is actually provided by another company called Filbox. (please revisit my earlier post about Filbox here)

download (1)

With this recent announcement of Vodafone all the top 3 telco’s in Turkey (Turk Telekom, Turkcell & Vodafone) are now providing 3-play services. Costomers have the option to enjoy receiving all the major services from one single operator and getting charged by a single invoice. Basically, this is the new trend all over the world. Operators are playing and they are aware of the fact that they need to play well in order to survive. You can check this link for further details about the campaign.


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