First 4K Live broadcast in Turkey

It’s been announced at twitter by Hikmet Kocaman who is working in TRT (National TV Broadcaster) that the UEFA League game between Fenerbahce and Ajax will be broadcasted live in 4K resolution at TRT 4K channel. This will be the first live 4K broadcast in Turkey. TRT 4K channel is available in test phase in Turksat satellite since Feb 2015 at frequency 12123, horizontal with symbol rate 15000.

As a matter of fact, the sales of 4K TV sets are clearly increasing in Turkey like the rest of the world. Since the start of the year around 100K 4K TVs have been sold on the market but only a minorty of them have embedded sateliite tuner. Besides, as of today there is no commercial offering of 4K services by any of Pay-TV operators. Considering all these, unfortunately there will only a limited number of households those will have the opportunity to benefit of this. But still it’s strong indicator that 4K service will be presents in 2016.


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