Vodafone introduces fixed broadband service Supernet

In Turkey, there are basically 3 big telecommunications company which are in market share order:

  • Turkcell Turkey
  • Turk Telekom
  • Vodafone

Turkcell strength is 35 million+ mobile subs and 1 million+ broadband subs. TT is the incumbent telco whose cash cow is 10 million+ PSTN subs coupled with 6 million+ broadband internet subs. Among the big 3,  Vodafone seems to be the only telco with mobile focus only. Nevertheless, this is changing nowadays.

Vodafone has just launched its fixed broadband service called as Vodafone Supernet.


Considering the infrastucture, TT group as being the 175 years old incumbent player owns the nationwide copper lines that has been used to provide DSL service. Starting from 2012, they ingested a lot of money for fiber infrastructure.

Turkcell’s subsidary Turkcell Superonline on the other hand has its own fiber infrastrcute with almost 800K subs and 2.2 homepass. Turkcell Superonline is also providing DSL service to around half a million households through TT group backbone.

Having said that, Vodafone group clearly decided to be part of the game and to offer not only mobile services but also fixed broadband service to the market.

By benefiting TT group infrastructure, Vodafone is now offering both DSL and/or fiber internet service depending on the area you are living.

The prices are more or less around the competition. Clearly the idea is to offer a complete set of  package to keep the installed base and reduce churn as well as inceasing the ARPU.

But still Vodafone is missing TV service. Turkcell Group had Turkcell TV+ whereas TT has Tivibu as the TV offer. It wouldn’t a surprise for me if Vodafone is acquiring one of the legacy TV service providers ( i.e. D-Smart, Turksat Teledunya) in Turkey. Obviosly, it’s almost inevitable that a telco should be providing a TV service on top of the exsiting services like mobile internet, broadband internet, voice etc. in order to keep its competence.





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