TV Sales Figures in Turkey

LG Electronics Turkey Consumer Electronics Direktor Ergün Altay has provided some insightful info about the TV sales in Turkey last year. It seems there has been sold a total of 3,4 million TV set last year in Turkey. The revenue has arrived to 5 billion Turkish Lira. ( ~2 billion USD)

According to Altay, the market share of LG has become 27% with a share of 40% on 40”-42” segment in particular.

LG Turkey is expecting around 10% growth in TV sales this year potentially to 3.7 million. Based on their calculation, flat-screen TV sets have around 50% market share today in Turkey. Still, a total of 37 million CRT TV is in use. On the other hand, 700 bin couples are getting married per year in Turkey which clearly supports TV market. TV Market in Turkey has clearly a big growth potential.

3.7 million TV sales per year is apparently a significant fact for many parties such as OTT players, App developers, Pay-TV operators and OEMs.

OTT players could benefit from the widely installed base to deliver their services potentially doing campaigns with selected OEMs or retail shops.


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