Ambitions of TT regarding the Turkish Football League

Turk Telekom made a press release at GSMA in Barcelona. In this announcement TT CEO is mainly talking about 4G strategy of TT. In this speech he also stressed a point which is really interesting regarding the scope of Basically, he told that;

TT will reshape TV broadcast industry in Turkey. We simply target to reach each and every household in Turkey and let the 20 million household to benefit from the Tivibu service. Any kind of  content is extremely valuable for us. We very well aware of the fact that Turkey Football League matters a lot for Turkish audiences. We’ll be putting ambitious efforts on this when the right time arrives.


As posted earlier on,  Digiturk still holds and will continue to own broadcasting rights for additional 2 years (2015-16 and 2016-2017) with one condition: Digiturk will sub-license or transfer the rights to competitive companies and companies with alternative broadcasting means at a ‘reasonable’ market conditions.

Anyhow, there will be a new tender probably at the end of 2016 or beg of 2017 and apparently that one will be the new battlefield.

TT official press release is here.

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