What does Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey say about Turkey?

Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey (full report) indicates insightful figures for Turkish market.

The survey says that in 2013 the average number of internet-connected devices is more than 3 per person in Turkey with %42 YoY increase.

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This is more than other developing markets like Argentina, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.

Apparently, this is a positive sign for many parties including but not limited to service providers,retailers, content providers, digital agencies, app developers etc.

Digital consumers equipped with data-hungry gadget always push service providers for further investment on infrastructure such as fiber, 4G and alike.

It sounds fair to estimate this trend will continue in the following years.

Delivering multi-screen content on all screens is no more a bonus offering, It’s the new norm and Turkey is not an exception. As a matter of fact, The Big 5 Pay-TV platforms all provide their service on 4 screens. (TV, PC, smart-phone and tablet) Since their OTT offering has been launched later than Set-top-box based TV service , they have been forced to position OTT services with a different name than the core TV service. Turkcell TV+ is an exception since it has been launched on all 4 screens in the first place.

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