TTNet announced new movie channels line named as Sinetivi

TTNet’s TV service Tivibu has just launch brand-new movie channels line named as Sinetivi. The new channels are:

  • Sinetivi, Sinetivi 2,
  • Sinetivi Adrenalin, Sinetivi Adrenalin 2,
  • Sinetivi Karnaval, Sinetivi Karnaval 2


Hence, Tivibu with 24 movie channels has become the TV service with most movie channels. TTNet announced that there will be a total of 2500 movies available to their customers in 2015 of which 1000 will be available in Sinetivi channels.

TTNet’s Marketing VP N.Mert Basar and Content Director Volkan Üst organised a meeting past week where they shared details about new announcement.

So far, TTNet had acquired around 5000 movies from local producers like BKM, TAFF, Camasirhane, Fida, Avsar, TCM , Boyut Film as well as worldwide studios like 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, MGM, NBC Universal.

Sinetivi channels will be on-air 7/24 with both original and Turkish audio language coupled with Turkish subtitle option.


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