Digital Broadcasting dersi final sorulari (Bahar 2014)

Kadir Has Universitesi’nde vermis oldugum dersin 2013 yilindaki vize ve final sorularini ve 2014 vize sorularini daha once paylasmistim.

(Baglanti 1 Baglanti 2 & Baglanti 3)




  1. Strategic thinking: There are 5 big pay-TV operators in Turkey; Digiturk, D-Smart, KabloTV/Teledünya, Tivibu, Turkcell TV+.  What would be the acquisition/merger scenarios that would reshape the competition landscape and change the market shares? Why? Please defend your thinking with solid arguments.

          (You are free to imagine hypothetical cases.  Any acquisition/merger scenario is possible.) (20 points)

  1. Smart TV: This is a typical back panel of a Smart TV. Explain the name and functionality of each output?  (20 points)

Back panel

3.  User Experience: Design and develop an imaginary TV- human interaction that will significantly improve the user  experience.  Please write down how it will work and what are differentiating features with your own words.  (20 points)

4. Chromecast: Last summer Google announced this brand-new product. It has been a real success and Chromecast is now available in many European countries in addition to North America. This little dongle product has 2 major features that differentiate itself from the similiar products (i.e. Apple TV, Rokubox) in the market? What are those 2 features? (20 points)

5.  Please order the following items in terms the delay compared to the appearance in cinema in increasing order?(10 points)

DVD – Kanal D – Tivibu Kirala Izle – Digiturk Moviemax

6. What does an exclusive content rights mean? Please explain with your own words? (10 points)


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