BTK’s Decision on SinemaTV and D-Smart

D-Smart, Turkish satellite operator has decided to end broadcasting SinemaTV channels by the end of 2013. BTK, Information and Communication Technologies Authority in Turkey has now made a final decision about customers who have contracts with D-Smart.

  • The subscribers who have contract with D-Smart, are now free to cancel their subscriptions without paying any extra contract fee.
  • D-Smart is obliged to publish this information for 1 month via its web site.


SinemaTV, owned by Oflaz Media Group has started its broadcasting life with D-Smart. SinemaTV is now available on other broadcast networks and IPTV networks in Turkey as well. SinemaTV now offers 6 channels: Sinema TV, Sinema TV 2, Sinema TV Aile, Sinema TV 1001, Sinema TV Aşk ve Sinema TV Aksiyon. SinemaTV claims that there are 430.000 D-Smart subscribers with SinemaTV packages.


This article is first published @ by Tanil Ergin. 

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