Turkey pay-TV has great growth potential..

According to a new post, that refers to a report by Digital TV Research, Pay TV revenues  in the Middle East and North Africa will reach to $5,6 billion in 2020 with 83% growth compared to 2010.


What is quite interesting in this report regarding Turkey region is that Turkey and Israel are expected to contribute 52% of the region’s pay TV revenues in 2020 total. This indicates the potential and opportunities that will pop up in this growing market.

It’s been estimated that from the $1,490 million pay TV revenues to be added between 2013 and 2020, Turkey will supply $359 million.

These figures as a whole gives us one clear message: Turkey pay-TV has great growth potential. Considering fairly moderate penetration around 30 percent, we will witness increasingly more housholds subscribed to pay-TV services over the coming years. Compared to more than 50 percent penetration rates in developed countries Turkey pay-TV market will far way to go.


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