Brief Overview of Turkish TV Market

Turkey is one of the countries where the people watch TV the most. Based on the study of RTUK ( regulatory body for TV), an average Turk watches 260 minutes (4 hours 20 minutes) TV every single day. You can have a look to the study here.

Turkey is the 8th country in terms of average TV watching time among 55 countries based on the study of AGB Nielsen.

Considering the strong  TV engagement, in this post I’ll try to answer questions like „what are the means of receiving TV?“, „which TV-platforms are used the most?“, „which percentage of the households pay for TV content?“, „what is the deployment of Smart-TV’s?“, „what are the basic TV viewing habits?“, „which percentage of the households is equipped with the right hardware to watch HD content?“.


There are 4 major Pay-TV operators in Turkey. These are:
  • Digiturk: The market leader DTH operator with more than 3 million subscribers.
  • D-Smart: Second largest player with around 1,6 million subscribers.
  • Kablo TV: The only cable operator  with 1,4 million customers
  • Tivibu: IPTV service of TTNet(sister company of Turk Telekom) with 200K subscribers.

It’s a known fact there are a total of 18 million households in Turkey. Hence, roughly every third of households is a Pay-TV subscriber.  There is certainly  still a big growth potential for Turkish Pay-TV market.

What about the remaining 1 million households? How do they watch TV?
The study conducted by Hacettepe University helped me to answer this question.
  • 96 percent of the households have at least on TV set.
  •  56 percent of the households have satellite reception.
  • ~5 million households watch TV by FTA satellite receivers.
  • ~7 million households still watch analog terrestrial TV.
This is the very brief overview of Turkish TV market. Turkey with its very young population and continuously increasing interest in home entertainment services has clearly a bright future in Pay-TV business.
Keep an eye on it!

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