Digital Broadcasting dersi vize soru ve cevaplari (Bahar 2013)

Daha once de yazmistim, bu donem basindan beri Kadir Has Universitesinde Yeni Medya bolumunde ‚Digital Broadcasting‘ dersini veriyorum.

Bu hafta vize haftasiydi. Sorular ve benim ornek cevaplarim asagida gibi. Sorularin bazilari oznel cevaplar gerektirdigi icin benimkilerden farkli cevaplar da  tam puan alabilir.




1 .  List down all the pay-TV platforms available in Turkey including the media they are using? (10 points)

            Digiturk, D-Smart (satellite)

            Teledunya, Kablo TV (cable)

            Tivibu, Turkcell TV (IP)

2.  Please list down at least 5 different type of products which allows you to watch Netflix? (10 points)

iPhone, iPad, Android devices, PC, Mac, Xbox, PS3, Apple TV, Roku etc.

3. What are the 2 fundamental difference between IPTV and Web TV (OTT TV) ? (10 points)

  • IPTV service requires a STB for decoding unlike Web TV service.
  • IPTV service is delivered via a managed network whereas WebTV service is delivered via open internet.

4. March 2015 is the estimated date for…. How do you think this will affect the Turkish TV market in general? (10 points)

Analog Switch Off (Digital Switch Over)  Frequency spectrum will be used much more efficient. The video quality will improve due to digital broadcast. TV market will grow. New services will be introduced.

5. What is the number of total households in Turkey approximately? What is the percentage of them paying monthly fee to one of the pay-TV services? (15 points)

It has been estimated that there are more than 18 mio households in Turkey. The number of Pay-TV subscribers is around 6,2 mio (30 percent) and will likely increase.

6. We used to watch TV only one screen in 80’s even in 90’s. Today, the number of screens on which we watch TV has been increased to 4. What are those screens? Please make a best guess and order them according to the time spent on watching TV from the least to the most? Please make solid explanation? (15 points)

TV, tablets, smartphones and PC.

Tablet (the least one but getting closer to smartphone)

Smartphone (it is with me most of the time even the screen size is smaller)

PC (powerful processor & convenient)

TV (since it is the biggest screen in the living room)

7. How do you think Digiturk will position itself in case it loses the broadcasting rights of football league? Do you think that it can still survive? How? (15 points)

On contrary to the common belief, Lig TV subs only build about 30 percent of the total subs base. Even if it loses football-broadcasting rights, it can continue profitable business based on superior content quality and user experience.

8. Assume that you missed your favorite drama last night? What might be 3 different types of services that will allow you to watch the show the other day? Please explain in detail each of them. (15 points)

  • Youtube and similar type of web services (The content owner itself puts the content to the web)
  • Catch-up TV (Tivibu, Turkcell TV, Digiturk IQ and similar services allow you to watch the missed content via VOD afterwards)
  • PVR (Personal Video Recorder): You can record the series to the HDD and watch any time you like)

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  1. Excellent questions which are very relevant to understand the actual situation and latests trends in Digital world. Your students are really lucky. Nice work Uygar, congratulations.

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